Lori Traut-Savino, BSN, RN

Fertility Nurse Based in Massachusetts
  • Registered Nurse currently based in Massachusetts
  • 6 years of nursing experience in mental health & fertility
  • Patients often describe Lori as empathetic, detail oriented and confident in her knowledge with all things fertility related. She enjoys connecting with patients on a deeper level and helping them through their fertility journey from start to finish with an individualized approach to care.


Lori started her nursing career in an outpatient community clinic providing mental health services in Rhode Island. During her time there, she discovered her passion for women's health and moved to New York City for a position as a fertility nurse at RMA of New York. Because of her background in mental health,

Lori recognizes the importance of emotional/psychological support through the fertility journey, which is just as important as the physical. She provides well rounded, individualized care that puts the patient first and caters to their personal goals, learning styles and challenges. Fertility treatment can be a foreign and intimidating journey; Lori strives to make patients feel as comfortable as possible, and know they always have someone to fall back on for support.


BSN, University of Massachusetts Boston

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