Virtual care to guide you 
every step of the way.

A new kind of fertility care has arrived. From fertility consultations to live injection support, our team of registered nurses provide guidance that is personalized, on-demand and always medically-credible.

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Meet the Dandi IVF Care Kit

Designed with fertility doctors and patients to bring care, comfort and peace of mind to every step of the injection process.

The Belt

A comfortable compression belt to guide your injection process

Cooling Pad

Hands-free cooling therapy for a more comfortable numbing experience

Heating Pad

Hands-free heat for post-injection, cramping and progesterone warming

Massage Ball

Purpose-built to alleviate tenderness and progesterone “knots”

Shot Targets

A convenient guide to indicate accuracy of injection site (no sharpie required)
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Finally, a brand that understands fertility struggles.

We’re here to support your fertility journey every step of the way. Because nobody should go through this alone.

Our Story
  • Leyla Bilali, RN

    RMA Fertility

  • Dr. David Reichman, MD

    Weill Cornell Fertility

  • Dr. Brian Levine, MD

    CCRM Fertility

  • Dr. Jill Blakeway, DACM

    The Yinova Wellness Center

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