Our Story

Early fertility struggles led to the realization that there was not enough information, advocacy or support.

By the time we got up to treatment, we were physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, with some of the hardest moments just beginning. We started to fill the gaps the best we could – piecing together products, building community, and slowly beginning to feel a bit more empowered amidst all the uncertainty.

In 2021, we began to work with leading fertility clinicians and hundreds of patients – realizing how big this problem was and how many people we could help. Dandi was born.

Since then, we’ve poured all our love into building the very thing we needed most – fertility care that meets you every step of the way. Now, you’re not alone.


We are Dandi, named after the wondrous dandelion.

The dandelion embraces a beautiful journey of growth and transformation – one that often requires patience, strength and resilience. It goes from small bud to golden flower, before curling up again, only to re-emerge as a more mature white puff ball. Those puffs will soon break apart into a thousand seeds – carried by the wind for miles – before eventually reconnecting with earth to create new life.

The dandelion reminds us that everything in nature grows at its own pace. In this season of transformation, there can be beauty – resilience – strength. We hope that Dandi will be a reminder that growth and transformation are happening just beneath the surface, even when you can’t always see it. 

  • A registered nurse with 10 years fertility experience, Leyla has seen first-hand the ways that patients need more support, care and empathy. As a patient herself, she knows how hard the journey can be and brings that empathy to Dandi’s virtual care program.

    Leyla Bilali, RN

    Co-Founder, Chief Clinical Officer

  • Jake spent the last three years listening to and learning from hundreds of fertility patients. A male working in a female-focused space, he hopes to expand the conversation and bring more awareness to women’s health and fertility care.

    Jake Kent

    Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

  • Specializing in reproductive medicine, Dr. Reichman has supported thousands of couples on their path to parenthood. From day one, he’s ensured the medical efficacy of Dandi’s pursuit to reimagine the fertility care experience.

    Dr. David Reichman

    Chief Medical Advisor

  • Olympic Gold Medalist Tara Lapinski went through 8 egg retrievals, 6 failed embryo transfers and 4 miscarriages on her path to parenthood. As part of a personal mission to help improve the future of fertility care, she proudly serves as Dandi's Head of Community.

    Tara Lapinski

    Head of Community

  • Marni’s struggles as a fertility patient provided early inspiration for the creation of Dandi’s IVF Care Kit. She has leveraged her own experience to help improve the fertility journeys of others going through difficult fertility journeys.

    Marni Katz Zimmerman

    Co-Founder, Advisor

  • As Practice Director of CCRM New York, Dr. Levine has been a leading voice in the space of reproductive medicine. With a commitment to patient care experience, Dr. Levine has supported the founding team since Dandi’s inception.

    Dr. Brian Levine

    Medical Advisor

  • Lara’s experience as a fertility patient led her to Dandi’s community where she quickly began helping many along their fertility journeys. Lara now leads Dandi’s Community, a group of past and present patients collaborating to improve fertility care.

    Lara Robbins


  • Tracy is a resilient infertility warrior-turned mom, driven to support others navigating difficult fertility journeys. Leveraging her background in healthcare consulting, Tracy supports Dandi’s business and clinical operations.

    Tracy Cohen

    Business Operations

  • A doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine,  Jill has long been a leading voice for all things holistic care. Jill supports Dandi in their pursuit to provide a holistic and integrative approach to human care.

    Dr. Jill Blakeway

    Wellness Advisor

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