Kacie Shrock BSN, RN

Fertility Nurse Based in New York
  • Registered Nurse, Fertility Specialist
  • 9 years of nursing experience with 7 years specializing in fertility
  • Kacie’s journey in healthcare has been fueled by a deep-rooted passion for women's health, driving her to advocate for her patients and ensure their voices are not only heard but valued. She is compassionate, trustworthy and someone you can lean on.


After going through her own reproductive struggles as a young adult, Kacie knew that she wanted to be an advocate for women. Her own journey to an endometriosis diagnosis inspired her to become a nurse and support women who may be on a similar path. 

After graduating from UCF, Kacie started her career as an oncology nurse to gain nursing experience before transitioning to a local fertility clinic. Her clinical experience includes ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). 

After supporting many couples in the clinical setting, Kacie launched her own fertility coaching business to focus on providing more personalized care and support to patients at every step of their journey. She has worked with a range of patients who are just starting their journey and learning how to track ovulation, to scheduling their first fertility appointment or starting their first or second round of IVF. Kacie's commitment to empowering women within the realm of reproductive health underscores her dedication to providing comprehensive care and support throughout every stage of their fertility journey.


BSN, University of Central Florida

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