Danielle Burton

Fertility Nurse Based in California
  • Registered Nurse based in Southern California 
  • Five years of clinical experience at: RMA of New York, Southern California Reproductive Center, Children’s Hospital LA, and LaserAway 
  • Danielle’s experience with injections (of all kinds!) has allowed her to perfect her technique in administering as painlessly as possible! She is here to pass these skills on to you to help make your injection nights easy and stress free


Danielle’s well rounded nursing career with experience in both the hospital and out patient clinic setting has helped shaped her into the nurse she is today. Danielle truly embodies the characteristics of someone you would want by your side throughout your family planning and fertility preservation journey.  She’s compassionate, empathetic and believes in a client focused treatment process, putting the comfort and decision making in your hands. Having gone through her own fertility preservation experience, Danielle understands the nuances from both the emotional as well as the physical aspects of the egg freezing cycle. This allows her to provide both personal experiences and nursing pro tips every step of the way!


BS, Yeshiva University

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