Mariah Hinton, BSN, RN

Fertility Nurse Based in Georgia
  • Registered Nurse, Fertility Nurse Coordinator based in Atlanta, Georgia
  • 4 years of women's health nursing experience including Fertility medicine and Labor and Delivery
  • Mariah loves supporting her patients holistically. She is always there as a shoulder to lean on, to be a listening ear, and understands how incredibly impactful fertility treatments are on patients' everyday lives. Her passion for women’s health and fertility medicine shines through her ability to connect with patients on a personal level. This allows her to build a level of trust with patients taking some of the anxiety away from the complicated details of their fertility journey.


Mariah started her career as a Labor and Delivery nurse. She enjoyed the exciting birthing experience and the hustle and bustle of busy nights bringing precious gifts into this world. During her time as a Labor and Delivery nurse Mariah connected with a patient who shared the details of her personal fertility journey including her experiences before and during her pregnancy leading up to the delivery of her twin boys.

Having the ability to get to know her on a personal level during her antepartum hospital stay, meet her family, and share in the joy of delivering her healthy twin boys enlightened Mariah to fertility medicine and the difference it can make in patients' lives. Mariah then transitioned to fertility nursing becoming a Fertility Nurse coordinator to help patients at the beginning of their journey into motherhood and also into understanding their own reproductive health. Mariah is a mother herself to two little boys who she loves tremendously. Her own journey into motherhood and knowledge of reproductive endocrinology allow her to be your confidant during fertility treatment and to be a pillar in pivotal moments during your journey.


BSN, Florida State University

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